EARRING TIP MOD tutorial by M&MxD*
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 EARRING TIP MOD tutorial by M&MxD*

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PostSubject: EARRING TIP MOD tutorial by M&MxD*   Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:27 am

here is my tutorial for Earring Tip mod :)


Supertips Body
Comssa Backplug
2x Ear ring
2x Anyball grip 5 rings
2x one fourth AirFit grip
2x AirFit ring
2x 2 rings Supergrip grip(anycolor you want)
2x Dong A anyball grip 1 ring
2x uniball Signo Tip
2x Comssa Cap

" />


1.Grip to Grip AirFit Grip and Dong A anyball grip (Airfit inside and Anyball grip outside)

" />

2.put the other grips and AirFit ring on the Comssa Cap.

sequence: Anyball grip>SuperGrip grip>AF ring

" />

3. put the Grip to Grip on comssa cap and also add the Ear ring .

" />

" />

4. Add Uniball Signo Tip and fix it inside the cap.(Be careful, it is so hard to fix out when it was inside the cap)

5. Put Comssa Backplug on the Supertips Body.(add some tapes)

" />

" />

6. Put Them Together :)

" />

" />
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EARRING TIP MOD tutorial by M&MxD*
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