Russian Speakers Collaboration 2nd
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 Russian Speakers Collaboration 2nd

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PostSubject: Russian Speakers Collaboration 2nd    Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:14 pm

Are pleased to introduce you to project Russian Speakers Collaboration 2nd!

Russian Speaking spinners collects video from around the globe, we are more in number than last year, which is good considering the fact that most people are new.

Thanks to all who participated, and enjoy!


1)Enigma Красноярск
2)Alfa Ульяновск
3)helstik Санкт Петербург
4)Wonderful Павлодар
5)Kol-Prikol Винница
6)IsZz0 Гомель
7)Theodotos Полтава
8)Woxi Йошкар-Ола
9)MisVi Полярные Зори
10)ProGamer Москва
11)Planeta Зубцов
12)S1ck Львов
13)Kurare Тюмень
14)SB700 Иркутск
15)RudeR Балашов
16)Rumata Москва
17)ShUsHpAn Воронеж
18)Amikiro Киев
19)bio8 Москва
20)Simple Зубцов
21)SkairoK Балашов
22)Takeda Шадринск
23)Xset Самара
24)ZiPro Москва
25)TricKsteR Кудымкар
26)Teldarion Москва
27)Mifril Кудымкар
28)Krared32 Москва

editor: Amikiro

Organized by SPSB (Soviet Pen Spinning Board)
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Russian Speakers Collaboration 2nd
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