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 General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules EmptySun Aug 29, 2010 6:35 am



  • Respect Everyone. Our number one Rule in this forum is to respect each and every one in here
    Disrespecting may result to 1 day ban

  • Stay On Topic. This rule speaks for itself. Stay on topic as much as possible.

  • Do Not Spam. Spamming means using the same words over and over again. It is also unrelated to the topic/post or it's just plain nonsense.

  • Don't Recreate Topics . Topic Recreation may result to a warning and later become a major offense.

  • Do not revive old topics please do not revive old topics. If you are digging for a topic and you found something that is interesting for you. Please take a look if it is active or an old topic. You can see the date when the topic is posted on top of every post.

  • Double Posting Well, some have misunderstood this and thought that double posting is posting the same post with the same content twice. No!. Double posting is basically having two consecutive posts from the same user no matter what the content is. You can only double post after 24 hours.

  • Do Not Impersonate other Members. This is disrespectful to that particular person if you do so even if you mean to fool the members. There will be strict penalties if broken.

  • Do Not Create Multiple Accounts for mischief. If multiple accounts are detected, admins can easily find out who you are.
    All accounts will be checked by the appointed staff for deciding the outcome of the accounts, with possible deletion. To change your name just ask the admins...

  • Do Not Link to Inappropriate Websites. You are allowed to post links in your profile or your signature, or if it's really needed to explain something you've posted. Don't link to dangerous sites. Also, do not advertise.

  • Any sort of disruption to the community will result in disciplinary action. Do not disrupt the community in any way. The sort of penalty here may result in a lifetime ban depending on your actions.


  • Penalties will depend on your violation, and will be given by the moderator or administrator that caught you. ;D


This will be all for now.

Please be reminded, that the forum Rules are made based on the behavior of the members, and it will always be updated for thoroughness of the forum
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General Forum Rules
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